About You

What brings you to me?

There are many reasons clients find their way to me.

Perhaps you are feeling:

    • Stressed and/or burned out.
    • Overwhelmed and tired.
    • Misunderstood.
    • Lacking in energy and motivation.
    • Anxious, nervous – having trouble sleeping.
    • Frustrated at work or in relationships.
    • Wanting to improve your communication with others.
    • A desire to overcome a challenge or behaviour you have had for some time.
    • Struggling with a recent loss or major change in your life.
    • Disconnected with family or children.
    • Unsettled or as if something just isn’t quite right.

I had the pleasure of being selected to participate in one on one mentoring for my professional development.  I was partnered with Tabatha Kattau.  I am so grateful for this opportunity.  Working with Tab, I was able to work on goals for growth, succession planning, accountability and balancing work and home life better.  I have utilised some of the tools already, including positive reframing, the power of open enquiry questions and reflection.  I’ve experienced some breakthroughs, both professionally and personally, and will continue to use my learnings in the future.  Thank you Tab!

Jess A

Jess A, Health Industry | August 2021
Genuine, truthful, candid, sincere.

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