Clarity Walks


Clarity Walks

Finding it hard to make time for exercise? A study by Stanford University has shown that walking increases our creative thinking capacity.

Something been playing on your mind, a decision or concern that you’d like to resolve? Wanting to work through anxiety or build motivation? Want to change a recurring patter of behaviour like anger, impatience, procrastination? Then my Clarity Walks are for you.  Book a FREE 30 minute trial walk.

Live outside of the Singleton-Muswellbrook area? Try a Virtual Clarity Walk via zoom or teleconference (depending on the mobile coverage in your area). Experience the difference of engaging with an NLP Practitioner and enjoy sharing our neighbourhood spaces and local communities.  I’d love to learn about the community you live in, your favourite coffee shop or local store and share what I enjoy about living in my home town of Singleton.

*Note: Only 1 Free 30 Minute TRIAL Clarity Walk per person.

I highly recommend Tabatha Kattau to anyone looking to work with a thought leader in disruption, human development and coaching. She has experienced the many challenges her clients face first hand and leverages off this strength to bring out the best in them.

Suzy Miller

Director, Leadership Within
Genuine, truthful, candid, sincere.

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