1:1 Emotional Wellness Therapy & Coaching


1:1 Emotional Wellness Therapy & Coaching

1:1 Coaching (Life)

Do you have a goal or dream that you have shelved whilst life had other priorities?  Do you want to write a book, get back into painting, take better care of yourself, lose weight, start or finish studying, change career, improve the way you lead, enhance your relationship with others?

Using NLP techniques, self-awareness & psychometric profiling we will work together, getting you the clarity you need to put actions in place to get you un-stuck and moving towards what you want.

Sessions are conducted online and generally take up to 60 minutes.

Book a FREE Discovery Call and experience NLP therapy, for yourself.  Perhaps we resolve your issue on that call – if so, that is great – I am so happy I could help.

1:1 Coaching (Grief, Loss & Change)

Have you been battling with loss?  Loss of a loved one? Loss of employment? Loss of independence?  Loss of health & wellbeing? Loss of vitality?

Grief, Loss & Change can all have an impact on our psychological & emotional health.  Sometimes it’s not easy to talk to family and friends and we just want a safe space to work through our thoughts & feelings.

NLP offers tools you can learn to use long after your coaching session has finished.  If you want to address sadness, fears, phobias, increase your confidence, reduce anxiety, get support with grief and change, then book a FREE Call and see if working with me, is right for you.

1:1 Coaching (Self-Discovery Package)

Would you like to understand yourself better? Are you interested in why some things trigger you? Are you curious about living a life more aligned to who you are?

My Self Discovery Package will help you get these answers and, more importantly, enable you to make choices about how you plan to live moving forward.

Over 6 months we will use a combination of NLP Sessions, Clarity Walks and Self Awareness (personality profiling) tools to build greater awareness and understanding of why you do the things you do.  We will dive into your values, your beliefs, your personality traits and identify unhelpful states and patterns of behaviour as well as celebrate the strengths that make you .. you.

You will gain insight as to why you are so unique and learn how you can tap into qualities and strengths you already have to live more authentically, improve relationships, work more effectively and go after those things that are important to you!

Set your Plan for the Future with a Vision that inspires you to take actions that support your goals.  What are you waiting for?  I can’t wait to partner with you on this amazing journey.

I highly recommend Tabatha Kattau to anyone looking to work with a thought leader in disruption, human development and coaching. She has experienced the many challenges her clients face first hand and leverages off this strength to bring out the best in them.

Suzy Miller

Director, Leadership Within
Genuine, truthful, candid, sincere.

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