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Strong Influences in my Life

“I have always been surrounded by strong women.  I was raised by my foster-mother Aleathea, who adopted me when I was just 6 months old.   She was …. 52.  I learned honesty, humility, kindness and comfort from my mum.  And I learned the healing powers of a genuine hug, a forgiving heart and the power of a forehead kiss.”


“My biological mother, Lenore has always been in my life.  I was always told the truth as I was growing up – that I was a foster-child and I had two mums.  I always felt special. Unique and different at the same time.  It’s a brave decision to give up a child, be judged by society and your family.  Lenore taught me independence, forgiveness, boundary setting and love of self.”


“My sisters were like my mothers also.  Two of them had children of their own when I joined the family and my youngest sister carted me everywhere, guided me, scolded me – like I was her daughter.  My sisters taught me courage, strength, conviction, acceptance & the value of a good belly laugh.”

Who has influenced you and how?

“My friends are a constant source of love and comfort and have taught me self-acceptance, self-belief and the power of a non-judgmental, listening ear.”


“My children have taught me the intoxication of unconditional love, the positive force of divine protection, the value of diversity in personality, the role of playfulness and fun and the impact of loving, gentle guidance.”


“My mentors and coaches have always provided me with grounding and support, often through confronting, but necessary truths when I needed to hear it most.  They have taught me the value of honesty, integrity, courage and compassion.”

Thank you so much Tab! Before our session I was wanting to escape everything. My whole body and soul felt so defeated and dark. After just one session with you I feel a massive weight has been lifted and I can see the sunshine and light. I feel like I can face anything with the tools I have access to now and anything beyond that is out of my control and that is ok … because no matter what, I now know the universe will only give me what I can handle.

Therapy Client S

Therapy Client S, Central Coast NSW Australia
Genuine, truthful, candid, sincere.

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