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My Beliefs

Through all of this loving, nurturing and strengthening influence, I have formed my own beliefs about myself, my life and my world.

I believe all of life’s experiences have a purpose.  It may not be so evident at the time things are happening in our life, but there are always lessons.  Everyone has potential, but exercising that potential is a choice we all have to make.  We cannot make people do what they are not ready to do or face.

I love helping increase our respect and acknowledgement of others’ model of the world.  We don’t have to agree on things, but disagreement can be constructive and not leave us as enemies.  If we can listen without judgment, we can improve the way we operate as a society.

A big part of my personal growth has been the challenge and discomfort of identifying and honouring my boundaries.  Boundaries are often misunderstood in relationships in life and at work.  Boundaries create safety for ourselves and are not meant to punish or make life difficult for others.

What do you believe?

What are your beliefs about life?  How do they shape how you live?  Do you believe that increasing your self-awareness will help you to grow, make better choices, manage relationships better, lead more effectively?

How flexible are you in your communication with others? Would you like to know how to be more flexible and improve the way you relate to others and they relate to you?  When you think of a challenging situation, does the thought of having a conversation with them make you anxious, angry or nervous?

I believe fear and love do not show up together.  If we can remove fear … then there is only love.  And often those crucial conversations, those ones we put off having – are rooted in fear.  Would you like to unlink that fear and replace it with a more confident and compassionate approach?

What do you believe about being vulnerable?  Do you think it is safer to never let your guard down?  How is that serving you in your life and your work?  Would you like help to live more authentically, being yourself and using less energy to create the image you believe is necessary as a parent, partner, leader, expert, friend, business owner?

Tab was absolutely amazing. Kind, generous with information and foresight. She makes stunningly accurate assessments as a result of really listening to you. I have regained balance and feel like I am meeting my true self for the first time. Stop feeling anxious, embarrassed or shy. Just take that step and allow Tab to surround you in a most loving and unjudgmental environment so you can become your most unique and amazing self.

Therapy Client S, Hunter Valley

Therapy Client S, Hunter Valley, Australia
Genuine, truthful, candid, sincere.

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