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Tabatha Kattau

Hi..I’m Tabatha.

I’m an Emotional Wellness Psychotherapist. Those who know me say I have always been a therapist, despite my 20+ years in corporate roles, predominantly in mining - specializing in leadership development and learning & talent management.

Nowadays, instead of supporting companies to mine the ground, I mine people’s stories to unearth the wellspring of resources they have to recover, resurge and reawaken from stress, anxiety and burnout.

I’m thrilled that you have found your way to my website and I hope we connect soon. My therapy & coaching practice provides the exact kind of support I wished had existed when I was struggling with juggling the demands of work and life, wondering why I couldn’t cope and in desperate need of a safe, non-judgmental space where I could finally feel understood and my thoughts and emotions validated.

When we work together, you will experience a place where you can confidently access the tools and support you need to pull you out of the endless cycle of overthinking, ruminating thoughts, sleeplessness and anxiety... instead of suffering in silence.

Tabatha’s Bio

Tabatha is a Business Therapist & Mindful Performance Coach, a Master NLP Practitioner, and a Therapist who has successfully built her own Therapy practice which has both a domestic and international client base. She is a key speaker on NLP and its application in the workplace and in overcoming anxiety, depression and addiction. Having developed her own Collaboration Model which, in partnership with Newcastle University has completed a literature review, Tabatha is a voice of reason when consulted on managing stress and burnout and creating and maintaining emotional wellness. Tabatha has been interviewed by 2NUR on her Collaboration model and has spoken at the Upper Hunter Inspiration Conference on Resilience.

She has also worked with the Royal Australian College of Physicians on Workplace Trust and is a regular Judge in the Muswellbrook Chamber Business Excellence Awards. Tabatha runs Self Awareness and Stress & Burnout Workshops for NSW TAFE and speaks at organisational events promoting workplace emotional wellness. Tabatha also helps individuals who are seeking to change long-held patterns of behaviour or phobias impacting the emotional wellness of their lives.

Tabatha holds space for clients to bring the stories they are telling themselves into the light where they can safely examine and make the changes they need to break the emotional cycle.

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