Would you like to nourish yourself with beautifully presented, wholesome foods, sourced from local produce… whilst you also ..
?Learn about NLP (neuro linguistic programming)?
?Gain clarity on how the language of our mind impacts our behaviours, our emotions & our experiences in life?
?Learn how to use your mind body connection to make changes in your life?
?Learn tools to help unhelpful break patterns of behaviour?

Join me on Tuesdays, starting October 4th, at the beautiful Worn Out Wares Cafe in Singleton for a morning of learning, laughing & lightbulb moments .. the perfect start to your Tuesdays ?

If you are feeling…
?Confusion about why you behave the way you do? 
?Overthinking, over-analysing, procrastinating?
?Overly concerned with what others think of you?
?Fearful of speaking up or being judged by others?
?Difficulty saying no – people pleasing?
?Emotionally exhausted in a way that sleep will not relieve?

Click BOOK NOW button in Online Bookings at www.sincerusmindsetcoaching.com to find a Tuesday morning that suits you. 

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